Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey, What's Your Name Again? Oh, Right, It's Me

"You go back and keep watch."
I scowled back at me. "Who put you in charge?"

-Eddie Drood and Eddie Drood in From Hell With Love by Simon R Green

If I had a Gemini duplicator, would I take orders from myself?

I think I would.

When it comes to working with others, I prefer to be directed, but will stand up and take charge when no-one else will. Unfortunately, in my life, generally I have to. The me that decides first to take charge will do so because the other me won't want to direct, and will easily take orders.

Perhaps I'll have the opposite problem that Eddie had in the passage above: neither one of my selves will want to take charge and try to push leadership onto the other. Eventually, on of me will doubtless step forward and say, "If you're not going to, then I might as well, otherwise we'll be here all night and never get anything done."