Sunday, October 2, 2011

Antiphonal Reading #539

Only lovers
see the fall
a signal to endings

a gruffish gesture alerting
those who will not be alarmed

that we begin to stop
in order simply
to begin

-Maya Angelou

Autumn is definitely my favorite season. The colors of the world are so vibrant and variant that even poetry has difficult capturing their beauty, and photography does no justice at all. Where spring smells of rain and birth, growth and promise, autumn reminds us of the cycle of death and rebirth with the scent of slow decay of fallen leaves, yet those leaves retain their color even beyond the first frost. It is only when the snow melts and the world has started to come alive again do we see the past year's leaves have faded.

Summer and winter are simply pauses, hardly transitions at all. They are pauses in the cycle, when the earth stop to take a breath, examining itself and its progress, before continuing on. Autumn and spring are times of change.

...skies sates
of ruddy sunsets
of roseate dawns

roil ceaselessly in
cobweb greys and turn
to black
for comfort.

Only lovers...

Autumn is a time for remembering, remembering not just the past year, since the most recent rebirth, but of past years, past loves that have fallen. Of these, we must watch them go lovingly, and pray we have the sense to recognize their rebirth when it comes to pass. Sometimes winter lasts three months, sometimes it lasts far longer in our hearts, and we can hardly help but yearn for spring to come, when all our sadness and sorrow transforms into fertilizer for new loves.

the leaves of autumn
sprinkle down the tinny
sound of little dyings

And skies...