Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Google Voice and An Untapped Resource

(Sorry I'm a few hours late folks. I know it's technically the fourth, but let's just count this as the third posting and I'll get you another one at my normal time in about 20 hours, okay?)

Like this laptop (my Cr48), Google-based apps and resources aren't for everyone. Personally, they work for me.

However, Google Voice has one feature that is not available to it, and I feel there is a feasible solution, if someone would just hear it.

Google does not allow for ring-back tones and hold music like so many phone companies allow for these days, and I think that lacking feature may discourage people from signing up. I understand that the big concern with this feature is involved with Copyright. I understand that. I am an artist, so I understand the careful balances that must be struck with Copyrights and what a pain in the ass they can be, for everyone from the creator, to the marketer, to the end-user.

There is a solution.

I've spoken before about Creative Commons. Why can't Google make CC music available to us for these features? It's an untapped resource.

Back in 2004, Wired magazine released a CD with their magazine with 16 tracks released under the Creative Commons act. Some of the songs in the selection (admittedly, not all) allow for "noncommercial sharing and commercial sampling" (according to CreativeCommons.org). I see no reason why Google shouldn't be able to take advantage of--perhaps not these songs--but the concept.

There are plenty of independent artists out there trying to get a toehold in the market. Releasing one song under the Creative Commons act to get it is (I think, and I'm saying this from an artist's point of view) a very small price to pay.