Sunday, October 23, 2011

On Cold Weather

I have nothing against cold weather. I understand the need for the change of seasons, the need for temperatures to decline causing greater appreciation of warmer weather (much like the need for negative moods increasing the appreciation of positive moods). I have no problems with cold weather, and I actually like dressing in layers, bundling up, especially when it gets so bitterly cold that I wrap up when going outside to the point where you can only see my glasses. That said, I still don't like snow.

My body behaves strangely when the weather starts getting colder. Temperatures that were once comfortable during the summer now make me shiver. I've done comparisons, and I don't believe this has anything to do with humidity. It's simply my subconscious perception of weather outside.

I still intend on walking to the library regularly, even as it drops below freezing. I have sufficient clothing to provide me with plenty of insulation for the three-block trek. I've already left it to the city to pay for my internet access, why not delegate some of my heating to them as well? It also remains to be seen how much I will need to turn on my heat, between the insulation of being five-eighths underground and the benefit of having the laundry room right next door. Here's to hoping (however doubtful it may be) that I don't need to turn on my heat any more often than I used air-conditioning this summer (which was for the purpose of controlling the humidity only).