Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Faith

Our suspension of disbelief is the only thing stopping it from falling down on us.
-Honeydew, Shadow of Israphel, Part 19 by Yogscast

Too often, the world feels like it's falling down around us, and all we can do is change our view of the world. We can trap ourselves into believing that that end is nigh and doom ourselves to that very end. Instead, we must hold fast to what we truly believe, not always what our eyes or our bodies are telling us, and strive to continue.

"Mind over matter" is borderline cliche these days, but sometimes it is the only way to save ourselves. We must force ourselves to believe there is hope, to hope for hope, otherwise we will be trapped in despair. When we do not believe that there is hope, we will never find hope, and find only endless, daunting despair.

I've always felt faith is a good thing to have, though my journey to spirituality is very different from others'. Faith is something to hold onto when all light has gone from the world, when we find ourselves drowning in the pit of despair, and yet we dare to believe that there is still hope to be found. We may not see it or reach it this hour or this day, be in the end, we will survive. That is faith.