Monday, October 31, 2011

On The Passing of Days

My mind makes a strange distinction on the passing of days. I do feel their passing, and do know the difference between the evening of a Friday and the morning of a Saturday, but my body marks the passing of days as the passing of sleep schedules. If, say, I was to stay up all night long, from that very same Friday to the following Saturday, I would feel that both those two time periods would be "today," while the period prior to my previous sleep period would be "yesterday," regardless if that consisted of Friday morning (which implies that I slept during the day) or Thursday (implying that I have stayed awake for close to or more than twenty-four hours).

With that understanding, "tomorrow" exists following my next sleep period, but during a time for which my sleep schedule is flexible, the concept of "tomorrow" becomes nearly meaningless, even though, to most anyone else, "tomorrow" would be Sunday.