Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Only Creationism I Believe In

"I agreed to design... for the purpose of seeing it erected as I designed it and for no other reason. That was the price I set for my work. I was not paid."
-Howard Roark in The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

If you're good at something, never do it for free.
-Joker, Dark Knight

I exact a price for everything that I create, be it a tangible payment or not. For my poetry, I exact a non-tangible payment: touching the hearts and souls of my audience. They have and continue to reaffirm this as paid in full. For my dream guides, again I ask an intangible payment: that you dare to dream. For my hats, I expect monetary reimbursement; they are not something I am willing to trade intangible returns on. Where my poetry comes my my soul, and my dream guides come from my knowledge, my hats come from patience, practice, and time.

Poetry come to me in moments of strength and weakness, when I feel myself trapped in a web of my own making, or the web of the world. It flows from my soul, where my emotions flow from, my internal pain and suffering, my search for hope and beauty, my hope for a future that welcomes me.

My dream guides come to me in moments of deception and clarity. I see too much falsity and insistence on misconceptions, and my knowledge in my own personal practice and extensive research I offer in hopes to lift the fog for others. If we are afraid to dream, we become afraid to hope for something beyond ourselves.

Neverfall Mohawks came to me in a moment of disappointment with another monetarily paid-for product, whose mohawk never stands, except during moments of a perfectly balanced breeze. I crafted the first one with much time and personal expense, expecting nothing of myself but a learning experience to build on for future income. The first hat was my R&D, Research and Development. The second hat was a moment of triumph of its own, and has gone to a good home. I have been paid amply for my time, and I expect no less for future hats.

I am a Creator. I build every moment that I can, whether the end result is view-able and appreciable to myself, the world, or those who can afford it, depending on the medium. Regardless of my audience, I do nothing for free, and will be paid for my efforts, which are the best efforts I have to provide, one way or another.