Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still Cloud-Gazing

It feels childish to say it aloud (or to type it aloud), but I still enjoy looking at clouds and pretending what they look like or shape like. However, as I've grown my focus has considerably changed, not in the sense of what images I see, but in what images I look for.

I live in the Midwest, one of the flattest areas of the US shy of the central plains, and more often than not, the horizon hides behind a line of trees, buildings, or the other side of the valley. I get sick of this view. I've had the privilege of travelling some during my childhood and adolescence, and have felt joy at seeing mountains lining the distant horizon. It's reassuring to me, to see them there, and somewhat lonely to be without them.

My spirits are raised when the local cloud formations crowd at the horizon, because I can pretend they're mountains. Sometimes, though, I need to see the real thing, and this winter I plan to, unless extenuating circumstances prevent me.