Sunday, October 16, 2011

Takes More Planning Than Typing

Writing letters these days is a nearly forgotten art. With the advent and accessibility of computers and the internet, typing rather than writing is becoming the norm. I shudder to think what the handwriting of the texting generation looks like.

Writing a letter by hand takes meticulous organizing and planning before one starts to set down a single word. There's no option to copy and paste words or paragraphs unless you have scissors and tape. With computers, you can type up an outline and then type your message inside the outline, literally, and then erase the outline; if you want to go back and add more explanation, all you need is to move your cursor back to the chosen location in the document and start typing.

With handwritten documents, to do any of that and still have a nice-looking document, you have to start over. I've experienced the impatience of the texting generation first hand and I doubt they'd survive the experience.