Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Worry When We're Not There Yet?

"If this life is all we truly get, I don't want to bend my own morals here on earth to get into what others call heaven."
-Dane McKittrick

I believe in an afterlife only for the sake of those I have lost, to help me keep hope and work for fulfillment in life, such that I may reach them when my own time comes to pass. Beyond that, my consideration for an afterlife is questionable at best and constantly changing at worst. As I am alive, it weighs me down very little to wonder where I'll be in an indefinite period of time.

I will not wait for my time. I refuse to wait for something that's bound to arrive of its own accord sooner or later. Why should I waste my time waiting in line for something that will come to me when its ready? It's like family get-togethers in my family: when the food is all prepared, put out, and waiting for us to serve ourselves, I don't stand and wait for my turn. Instead, I continue to sit aside, doing what I'm doing (which is usually playing with a pet) until the line thins to the point where I can walk up and grab a plate and start right away. In such times when everybody, instead of grabbing a number, gets to choose the number and the order that they are served, I willingly choose the last number, or one of the last numbers.

If we must take a number for our time to pass on to the next realm, the "next great journey," or the nothingness which lies beyond when my eyes close for the final time, I'll happy take the last number, and go on focusing on more important things to me, like paying attention to a pet who claims nobody ever pays attention to it even though we all know that it isn't true.

Besides, I have enough of a personal difficulty looking too much, too far into the future of my life that to be concerned about what lays beyond my life. I'm too prone to make myself depressed trying plan things in too much detail too far in advance as I have a tendency to disappoint myself if I don't just let things go as they may.