Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Evolution of Web Design

I love building and designing webpages, especially if I can have a nice soundtrack going in the background for the duration.

The past several days (and the reason I missed a few entries this weekend) I've been doing exactly that. Not so much designing, because the design is already there, but I'm rebuilding a website from scratch that I worked on about five or six years ago.

I decided to build it from scratch because my tools and styles have changed. I used to build with just Notepad, or later Notepad++ (a version of Notepad optimized for writing code). While I attended community college, I decided to invest in a copy of the CS3 suite (and got lucky, purchasing it the day after CS4 was released). Today, I'm using Dreamweaver, which I haven't used since high school. I'm not using their website builder, still writing all my own code, but the built in WYSIWYG screen and file manager is expediting the process.

I hope to share it with you folks soon enough, especially since I plan on hosting it here, on DreamClassier.com. The last time I built it, it was being hosted on a free server which messed with my code and put advertisements everywhere.