Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Am No Marionette

"Does it matter where we get our guidelines to life?"
- Aron Bartoszek

Like the saying and mantras that go along with being a pirate, there really are no rules, persay, to life and living, only guidelines, and those guidelines can be found in the most unexpected places. What is important is that they are meaningful, useful, honest, and fulfilling; what does not matter is the original context they were intended for, or were found in.

Very often, I take lines from lyrics, songs that many people would not normally associate together, and weave them into a reason for discussing some point or another that I believe or feel needs to be addressed. More often than not, I take these lines without regard for their original meaning, and claim no innocence in twisting words (or mis-hearing them altogether) to get them to say what I want. I am a writer, and I feel it is my obligation to work words into a form that shares my message. If I limit myself to sharing the messages of others, I am hardly being creative or original in my endeavors, at which point I might as well let them attach strings to me and become their puppet.