Monday, November 7, 2011

The Magic Between and Among Us

" is magical and amazing to the eyes to see what we can do and become..."
-Aron Bartoszek

I find there to be a certainty in the question of magic in this world, and with the advent of "non-magical" technology, I do not believe the magic has faded or diminished. Magic is too much like energy: there is a fixed amount in this world, and though that amount is so great that it is difficult to be measured, it is not infinite. Neither can magic be destroyed, only changed into a different form, metamorphosized.

There is magic in our connections to one another, our connections within ourselves, and our connections with our past selves and future potentials. We constantly have a wealth of people we can become, and are constantly in the process of becoming one or more of those people. Those options that we are not coming do not cease to exist, if they ever truly existed as anything more than possibilities, but are constantly being updated with every choice we make.

I'm often in contention with games that say "the kind of person your character is wouldn't make that choice based on your previous choices." What these games fail to recognize is that sometimes our behaviors do change inexplicably, or our beliefs melted into a new form. Sure, many of the choices I made in my youth (or yesterday even) have affected the person I am today, but I am not bound exclusively to those same options. Hell, sometimes I choose to make a decision contrary to my natural beliefs simply for the sake of something new and different in my life.

Every one of us is constantly open to new possibilities in this magical and wondrous thing we call life.