Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Malevolently Altruistic

I like how that word rolls off my tongue. Ma-lov-o-lent.

Anyway, I'm starting a project that I should have done years ago. Actually, I tried to do the project years ago, and failed at it. This time, I won't give up unless someone tries to take legal action against me, but there's no reason it should come to that.

In my experience, people become artists because they feel they have a way of seeing the world that is unique to others, and they want to share that view with others. That is the biggest reason why I have posted my artwork online, and one of the reasons I keep this blog going. I may not have a completely unique perspective on life, but it is certainly unusual.

Several years ago, a friend of mine was forced through extenuating circumstances to stop creating art and to stop updating their art community accounts. I opened up the account and changed the password with the intent to preserve the account and the contents of it before anyone else could take control of it. They did indeed try, but were much too late. Unfortunately, they managed to convince me after several months that they had good intentions in mind and more justification for having access than I did. I handed over the password (which was intentionally long, random, and easy to forget).

I should not have passed it over. I should have lost the password, which I was already well in the process of doing.

The people I gave the password to proceeded to use the account malevolently and abuse their access to it. After several more weeks of the abuse, I and several others were able to convince them to close the account, removing anyone's ability to alter it. In the meantime, I was rushing to manually backup all of the art on the account, as closing the account would make it all inaccessible to any viewer. I wasn't able to save all of it, as the account had been open for several years, but I managed to preserve a decent selection.

I still have that collection, and have now decided to open up a new account and post it publicly. I feel I have a legitimate allowance to do this because my friend who created it entrusted much of their art to me for safe-keeping while they were still creating, before the "extenuating circumstances." I just don't feel that the art should be kept behind locked doors.

I'm certain that some people will be upset over my decision to republish this art, and though I'm not doing this to spite them (though I won't be terribly bothered if they feel that way). After all, even after all these years, they still verbally abuse me on the internet when they find my accounts. It's been more than five years: grow up.