Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Spirit of The Cards - 9P

This card shows a figure standing in front of a low cityscape and a sky lit not so much with stars as with nine pentacles. The figure wears a dark mask with a hint of a pale face behind it; a purple-red skrit with cresent moons as buttons; a heeled shoe on their right foot and a prothetic wheel on their left. They also wear a chain like a sash with a winged skull floating on the end at their hip.

This card makes me feel a sense of wonder. The city is behind them, low on the hill they stand on, and the figure is not just looking at the stars but encircled by them.

I think about what may be to come, if anything might be written in the stars, though I do resist fate and destiny, sometimes causality sweeps me up and doesn't let me make choices (or the choices I do make have no effect).