Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Spirit of the Cards - QP

The card shows a heavy-set womes surrounded by four dolls with faces that are all in various cresent-phases of the moon. She holds a large pentacle in her hands, and a cityscape sits behind her, close enough in detail and size to suggest she's either close to the city or within it. She wears boots, a dark skirt, a blouse, and a top-hat with a hint of a crown at its brim and a fluttering veil, all of which are brown and black ornamented by starlike lights and moon-like cresents.

I consider control when I look at this card, thinking about dolls and marionettes, those these all appear to be devoid of strings. Still, they sit lifeless, waiting for the Queen's direction or whims.

Depending on the context this card falls in, I can either interpret it as being free of control--that is, controlling myself and free of others' strings; or numb and useless and helpless, and subject to the whims of others.