Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waking Without Waking

The first two times Lauren signaled him, the voice jolted him awake. The third time, it worked. ..."This is my dream. I call the shots."
-from "Eyelid Movies" by Will McIntosh

This short contemplates a world where what any person sees, waking or sleeping, can been seen and shared for those who know your passcode. For Casey, who takes a bad chance downloading illicit material, this is bad news. A website hacks his account, and suddenly his dreams are public.

This story, among many others, serves as a method of introducing others to lucid dreaming, and fortunately, unlike so man others, it doesn't offer any false information about dreaming. Even the method (mild spoiler) Lauren uses to wake Casey inside his dream has been practiced. Artificial devices including the now-outdated NovaDreamer, which was created and used by Stephen LaBerge and his Lucidity Institute, was a device that detected when the dreamer entered the REM-state, and provided a cue to penetrate the veil and wake their consciousness without jolting them from the dream. (Directions to build your own can be found online, often under the name "Kvasar.")