Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We're All Hungry For Something and I Know Mine

You never had a hope for me,
you barely knew my name,
but when I pinned your dinner to the wall,
things could never be the same.

-Excerpt from "Never A Hope" by Ace Edmonds; full version available here.

As soon as the glowing hands of my watch read 12:01, I stood, slung the duffle – which contained not only tools, but also gloves, my sleeping bag and bedroll, a first aid kit, and salves for the muscle aches and blisters I knew I’d have shortly – over my shoulder, and took off into the night.
-Excerpt from "Fortress Race" by Ace Edmonds; full version available here.

As I dove deeper into the story of "The Hunger Games," by Suzanne Collins, I grew concerned, but a quick check into the first few pages gave me a sigh of relief. The copy I held was published in 2008, and I knew I'd started my story, "Fortress Race," before then. I've checked the date carefully, and the oldest revision I have that's posted online and contains a verifiable and unalterable time stamp was posted in January of 2005. (It's nice for an artist to be reassured that there's proof he didn't steal his ideas.)

With that in mind, "Hunger Games" reads like a dream of what Fortress Race should be, what I want it to be, besides the harmlessness of it all. There's no death in Fortress Race, though plenty of opportunity for injury, and the parallels to Haymitch--candidate guides--play the game a lot closer than the distance forced on those by Panem's rules.

I highly recommend Hunger Games, especially if you've read some of Fortress Race. If you've read Hunger Games, I'd appreciate a perusal through Fortress Race (available on Google Docs and and a comment on what you think.