Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Is There To Fear?

To live when you think you're dying,
To laugh when you feel like crying,
To stay when you think you're gonna fall,
It's only fear after all.

-"Fear" by Stop Making Friends

Things, good and bad, are going to happen whether you fear them or not, whether you're ready for them or not, whether it's even possible to prepare for them or not. We're a universe of monkeys all hacking away at the meaning of life, and we've already managed to type up the complete works of Shakespeare (though perhaps not as an independent discovery as in the original metaphor).

Fear is a part of life, as long as we don't let it paralyze us into inaction. That's the difference in the "fight or flight" scenario. "Fight," by taking action, or "flight" by letting your mind get away from you, and be unable to perform, to deal with the issues that we all must and as we all must. To be courageous to is take action and to not let the fear take control and wreak havoc. To have courage is not to be without fear, but to fear without losing control. To be without fear is to be insane, which is just as unhealthy for those involved and those viewing as to be consumed by the fear.

When I speak of courage, I'm not suggesting that we all have to stand a hail of bullets on any other similar war scenario. We must be courageous when we stand up for injustice, when we challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone. Sometimes, just getting up in the morning is challenge enough.