Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art Feature: Installing New Software

green as the day I first saw her face,
green as the day you smiled,
green as the day you set my heart racing
and made my poetry grow wild.

I found a place in my heart that was calling,
where the software was finally installing,
I wrote those words by those trees,
and you smiled at me,
while the ground could not keep me from falling.
"Installing New Software," 21 August 2006
Available on deviantArt.

Most of us fall in love at sometime or another. Many of us fall out of love again. Some of us lose our love to the turn of events, and never get a chance to reconcile ourselves.

Each time I fall in love, I feel like the world is coming together again, like I've been given a chance to do that, to be better, to do what's right by her. But they're never her. Thanks to my first, my bar is set too high, and for that reason I never let myself believe in soul mates. It's my fear that if there is such a thing, that if every one of us is meant for only one other, and only one other is meant for us, if that is so, than mine is gone and has been gone these past six--nearly seven--years.

There's not much to say about a romantic fantasy that so many people hope for barring me from happiness with another, condemning me to life of failed relationships. Normally I'd ask how a person can live like that, but I already know the answer.

They live like this.