Sunday, March 4, 2012

Art Feature: A Meeting of Bobs

" 'You can come out of your skull for this and this purpose only.' Gods how I get tired of hearing that."

"Stop complaining. You're a bug in the system. Be happy I haven't deleted you yet."

Bob, frustrated with the other two, smacked the blue one on the back of the head and swung out in search of Malcolm.
"A Meeting of Bobs," 12 June 2011
Available on deviantArt

I write too little humor, mostly because it doesn't come easily to me. This piece was kept short for two reasons:

First, so that I didn't try to squeeze in any unnecessary quips and ruin the piece.

Second, because it didn't need to be any longer.

I wrote this after or during a re-watch of my copy of Mirrormask, and for some reason, I had Reboot and Dresden Files on my mind. The three characters came together rather well, I like to think, and thanks to my insistence of submitting my art to as broad of an audience as I can, I was able to take a greater advantage of deviantArt's group feature than usual.