Sunday, April 15, 2012

Art Feature: Paper Cuts Deeper Than Swords

you don't know the times
I bled out onto the page,
wrestling with my demons,
regretting my inner rage.

you don't know how I fought
to stand here and say this tonight.
just please honor my sacrifice
for freedom, for my life.
"Paper Cuts Deeper Than Swords," 8 Feb 2011
Available on deviantArt

Sometimes, there's almost a direct line from my veins to the ink cartridge in my pen. This is where my poetry comes from: everything that fuels my existence, keeps me running. It is my spirit and my lifeforce being exposed on the page. I may not be literally writing in blood, but I may as well be.

Some of the battles I fought to be here today were internal; fights with my demons that strove to tear me apart, tear me down, destroy me both figuratively and literally. Some of the battles were external; fights with others that strove to commit me, lock me away, or censor me.

I fought them all, but I didn't win them all, and the war isn't over yet.