Thursday, June 28, 2012

110% Effort Is 90% Bullshit

We've all heard it, I'm sure. Put one hundred and ten percent into it! It's bullshit.

I'll start at the beginning.

Say you have a pie, since Tau Day was a few days ago. If you eat all of it, you've eaten 100 percent of it. It's gone. The crumbs are gone. The pan is sparkling clean. That's what 100 percent means. Everything.

Now take another bite.

Another bite of what? There's no pie left.

What if you had two pies?

Well, then one whole pie wouldn't be 100 percent, it would be 50 percent, and digging into the second pie would start you in on 51 percent.

People who ask you to give more than 100 percent are guilty of slacking off. They're pretending to give it their all. If you're not giving your all, but pretending to, and then start working harder, you've not gone from 100 percent to 110 percent. No, you've gone from maybe 50 percent to 75 percent.

Those pretenders claim they've eaten all the pie (probably because they don't want to share) and then keep munching on it. They're not exceeding 100 percent, they're liars.

It is impossible to work harder than your best. You can increase your quality of work, through training or making more pie, but that isn't increasing the percentage of their work or of their pie, just increasing the total quantity of it.

Anybody who says otherwise either doesn't understand math, works in public relations, or is an idiot.

I am willing to concede some exceptions. Find them here. If you prefer to focus on the impossible, head over here instead..