Sunday, June 10, 2012

Don't Be A User #1

Two products have "users." One is the Internet.

Derek Prospero, artists of many talents, shared this series of simple statements in my deviantArt inbox this morning, and I couldn't help but find the method of sharing them less than slightly ironic.

What is the best way to share information these days? The most efficient way to get your information out to the masses? Yes, the internet. It also seems to be one of the easiest ways to get information, news, and more. But there's just so much of it. It's easy to get lost, or worse: addicted.

I'll admit to as much myself. I have a smartphone, which is my primary access point to the internet, for despite my netbook and my desktop computer, it has the most reliable access to the world than my other devices, largely for one reason: I don't subscribe to an internet service provider in my home.

I could afford one, if I wanted. Even recently, I received in the mail a offer I've been waiting for since I moved in: $19.95 a month service. Like my decision to refuse to spend more than twenty dollars (not including sales tax) on flash drives (which is how I've ended up with a 256k, 512k, 2gb and a 4gb), twenty makes a good round number for limiting financial spending. Twenty makes me feel like I'm not spending any more than loose change.

I've decided not to take it.

When my smartphone plan runs out this November, that may change, as I'm thinking about switching back down to a dumb-phone. Until then, I'm an eligible member for IAA: Internet Addicts Anonymous.

"Hi, my name is Ace, and I haven't used my smartphone in twenty minutes."