Sunday, July 15, 2012

110% Effort Is Bullshit Exceptions

This is in reference to the post I made a few weeks ago, not because I had someone dispute something I said, but through my own personal reflection on the subject.

When it comes to physical or financial effort, it is possible to exceed 100% effort, but both have the same result: eventual bankruptcy. Financial bankruptcy, from living at a greater cost than your income, should require no explanation, especially with the recent economical troubles. Physical bankruptcy, on the other hand, might.

I used to practice martial arts on a regular basis, back when my body could handle the strain of that type of exercise, and on several occasions, I would push myself too hard, to the point where I wouldn't be able to make it through the entire session, whether it be one hour or four. Those times, I didn't come to a crushing halt and be unable to move, or have my muscles start shaking to the point at which I couldn't restrain it--no, I literally took my energy to a negative level. I passed out.

It's not fun. Neither the blacking out part, nor the waking up part, and finding that they halted the class because I pushed myself too hard, laying in the middle of the mat with several faces looking over me with great concern, and someone off the mat by the phone, ready to dial that last "1" if I should need an ambulance.

So now, when I exercise, I don't give it my all. I hold myself back. And sometimes I still need to take a break in the middle, or cut it short, or be unable to walk for several hours afterward. But better that than turn into goo and have to be scraped off the mats.