Sunday, August 5, 2012

Channel Surfing Yields Good Things Sometimes

I was a curious boy with a wandering mind
on a hungry search undefined
in a rigid school full of concrete thought,
a structured day and all that brought
Logic ground in repeatable facts
my big energy faded back
They gave me far less than they stole
they packed my head and they drained my soul...

I get some weird stations, not having cable or satellite or anything. Just local stations. The other day, I was just passing through my limited selection, waiting for commercials to end on a different station, and stumbled across a rock music show with an artist by the name of Stuart Davis.

...I learned to sleep in a distant stare
out beyond, unaware
of a clear internal path I'd take
if I'd close my eyes and fall awake...

I stopped and listened to him. Like most of my selection of music, I liked the sound I heard so went looking for more. I pulled up a radio program on my cell phone, and listened to several more tracks before buying the lot, and burning the first nine onto a disc for more convenient listening. (My car doesn't support USB or MP3.)

...It was an instant lift, my mind grew light
a lucid dream of a graceful flight
Just one push and I learned to fall
into the arms of the energy that voiced my call...

I called it Dreaming Disc 1. (No sign of volume 2 yet.)

...Now each dream is an epitome
a beautiful glimpse at my permanent home
I'm a timeless entity cloaked in skin,
the eye of the universe turning in...

I don't think I've ever heard another artist express the joy and depth of dreaming in enough songs to be worth burning a collection. Of them, which I will list below, my favorites are "Falling Awake" and "Already Free," and they bring to life many of the aspects of dreaming I've struggled to put into words to share with non-active dreamers.

...And it's all between my ears
I know my way to a magic sphere
A clear internal path I take
when I close my eyes and fall awake...

-"Falling Awake" by Stuart Davis
1. Already Free
2. Falling Awake
3. Dream Usher
4. Kaleidoscope
5. Drown
6. Swim
7. Kid Mystic
8. Practice Dying
9. You Will Heal