Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wizards Speak In Riddles

when you're feeling lonely
and the world's grown dark and cold---
sometimes you just need a body
warm and close, to hold.

when you're feeling hollow,
like there's nothing left inside---
sometimes you just need a weight
to lean against your hide.

when you're feeling broken,
and nothing can fix you up---
sometimes you just need some arms
tight and secure, a hug.

when you're feeling like me,
these mentioned, those left unnamed---
treat me just like that body.
It's okay--I need the same.
- "Feeling Like Me" available on

Well, I'm not a wizard. Unless you're feeling generous. Thusly, I don't speak in riddles. This poem is meant to be straightforward, dedicated to... well, you know who you are.

Sometimes you need someone to talk to. Call me.

Sometimes you need someone to rant to. Call me.

Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off of, or more physical things. Sometimes you just need a hug, or someone to lean against. Sometimes you need a warm body to lean against while you sleep. Sometimes you need something more, with no strings attached. Call me, and don't feel like you're using me, because sometimes I need all of those things myself.

It's that simple.