Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trouble Sensing the Sincerity

It's not unusual to see brand names supporting causes, but I have trouble believing the sincerity of their promise. "Send in [so many] [lids/caps/boxtops] and for each [one/dozen/million] we'll donate [one/two/three] cents to [cause]."

But they don't really care about the cause. With the markup, most companies could afford to give at least ten percent (too often more) of the cost of the product with little effect on their payout.

If they really, really cared, they'd give the cause money regardless how many scraps you mailed them.

It's like all the stores that claim to be environmentally conscious by selling tote bags to use instead of free plastic bags. How many stores do you know that sell those bags that also have a bike rack in front of their stores?

I actually went out and looked. The local Jewel? No. The local Kohls? No. The local Target? Not only do they have a bike rack, they have two, one at each set of doors. You can guess who gets most of my business, especially since I've been riding my bike during errand-runs to save on gas.