Saturday, December 8, 2012

Product Review: HP Touchpad Wireless Keyboard FB344AA#AC3

Also posted on DreamClassier Reviews

I purchased this item for my father for Christmas, after looking at nearly all poor reviews for the keyboard designed to be paired with his tablet, the Nexus 7, and stumbling across this one, which was the reverse, in the hopes it would stop him from complaining about the virtual on-screen keyboard (which he has a problem with due to the size of his fingers).

Naturally, I pulled it out and took it for a test run myself (which I'm still doing right now, typing with this very keyboard) and I've decided something. I want one for myself.

It runs well, interfacing flawlessly with my Samsung Captivate, whose keyboard I have yet to fully adapt to after spending two years being used to the keyboard of the Motorola Droid 2. But this is just like having a standard keyboard. Everything is where it ought to be, unlike with the Captivate keys, which are completely missing the > and < signs (and is very frustrating that I have to pull up the on-screen keyboard in order to access them). On this, they're right where they need to be, above the comma and period.

The only difficulty I'm having is when using the shift key. When working on a desktop or laptop, one would hold down the shift key in order to type capital letters (or to access all the special symbols like >, <, parentheses, and such) but since the keyboard interfaces with my smartphone's softwear, in which you press without holding the shift key, the keyboard in following the latter route. I keep accidentally setting it to capslock, simply for being in the habit of holding down the shift key.

Even so, I love the interface and have got to get one for myself! Or if my father doesn't like it, I'll buy it off of him.