Friday, December 7, 2012


When I see stars, that's all they are.
-"Some Nights" lyric

I swear in that moment we were infinite.
-from Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I have no insterest in anything out there on earth.
-Sherly Holmes

What does it matter if the sky's the limit if I can't jump that high, can't reach that high? My wings have fallen off or been misplaced. There's no evidence that there's a Book of Flying (Keith Miller) here, and even if there was, I doubt it'd work.

We don't all get to be infinite. Stars are just great big balls of fire, so unreachable they might as well be fireflies stuck in the great bluish-black thing (Lion King). And though I'm often hazy about whether others are crazy, I certainly am at times (Albert Einstein).

I know someone's listening. I know I'm being read. But I can't tell if you care or not, because I only seem to get comments when I get a fact wrong or a spammer drops by. Most of the time, just being read is enough. It's like the narrator said in Ender's Game about Locke and Demothenes: nobody commented on their work openly or privately, at first nobody recognized them, but phrases they used started popping up in different places for different writers.

I'm no political pundit, and the world isn't so unstable as the world in that book, and I don't look for things I've said to be repeated. But several someones keep coming back, and I hope that's because something I say makes you think differently.

As Neil Gaiman suggested on one of his recent talks, there my be enough bloggers out there, but I hope no other blogger sees things exactly the way I do. Maybe I'll never reach very high, but hopefully I can help someone else get just a little bit closer to the stars.