Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Different Kind of Cost

"if someone really wants to come kill you, it's hard to stop them. All you can do is make it expensive for them to try it, and hope that they decide the price is too high."
-Harry Dresden from Changes by Jim Butcher

I'd be hardpressed to rule that anyone wants to kill me, but I do know people out there who are dead set on making my life miserable. Some have been stalking me for half-a-dozen years online, and periodically, they find one of my accounts on a website and harass me until I report and block them; I might not hear from them for months, but they keep finding me. Some show no signs of actively stalking me, but have libelously used my image and likeness online as well as left a death-threat or two in email and voicemail inboxes; I haven't heard from them in much longer than the first group, but I know they're still out there, and wouldn't pass up an opportunity.

But I know how to defend myself. First, I've changed addresses, and only a select few know my new location, and they're not talking. Second, I've acquired a medium selection of non-projectile weapons, learned how to use them, and stashed them around my home.

Sure, I could still be caught by surprise, but it's unlikely. Sure, I could still be overpowered, but again, that's unlikely. Sure, they could get the better of me and wreck whatever vengance they have in mind, but I'm not going anywhere without a vicious fight. Maybe my decision to fight back will increase their ire from mere hazing to serious criminal activity, but that's a risk I'm willing to take along the path of defending myself.