Sunday, March 17, 2013

Curiosity II: Implied Value

Money, currency, is just a trade-able method of exchanging effort, skill, and time. Dollars and cents are just geographically limited forms of money.

22Cans claims whatever's in the box "will change your life." Whatever you get from destroying the last "cubelet"...  but I don't think it matters.

It's always been about the journey, not the destination, and 22Cans has been tricking its users into appreciating classical art. Judging from some numbers I've dug up [1, 2], the leading age groups of smartphone users are those I'd less expect to spend time appreciating art; that's what I'd call a good investment alone.

Warning, math ahead.

I've also heard some number around 60 billion blocks. Now, in a good minute, when I've got my hand-shaking to a minimum and I'm not writing something (like ""), I can tap out maybe four or five blocks a second.

12 billion seconds or 200 million minutes or slightly more than 3.3 million hours. Sure, I know I'm not doing it alone, but if I was... Illinois minimum wage (2012) is 8.25 (and I usually get paid more than minimum wage).
If I was doing sometime productive with my time instead (and yes, there are plenty of productive things you can do that also serve as enjoyable and relaxing, you just have to look for them), I could be a lot richer.

But I'm not doing it alone, chippers maxing out in the 20,000s. So divide that out of all those numbers above, and that's still a lot of money.

Too bad 22Cans is only going to pay one person.