Sunday, March 31, 2013

Product Review: Gripz 5 Gloves

Also posted on DreamClassier Reviews

My newest Google Offers deal arrived at last, the Gripz 5 touchscreen-sensitive gloves, by Touch Screen Gloves & Co.

To start off with, they felt tighter than I expected. The online description suggested they would fit up to a 6' 8" gentleman, and they're rather snug on my own hands straight out of the packaging (I'm a mere 5' 7"). The thumbs are a little long, but all the other fingers fit well.

Though, despite the tightness, they do seem to stretch girth-wise rather well. I normally wear armwarmers (elbow to first knuckle) below my gloves, and paired with these Gripz doesn't cut off any circulation like I would expect.

The sensitivity is all well and good, and a little bonus since these gloves give my fingernails use as well, so I don't have to focus on just using the pads of my fingers. As for increased precision (as I've seen in other reviews  I'm feeling no noticeable increase.

The gripping dots feel good, though I almost never drop my phone, so don't expect a rating along that line from me. When wearing them while driving, though, I find they grip too well. However, I did go to the effort of counting them, and reached 782 on one hand. (I only counted them once so I can't say how accurate that number is).

They're also very warm. I can't see any circumstance where I would try to wear a pair of heavier gloves on top of these.

The $40 pricetag is pushing my budget a little, especially in comparison to what I normally pay for gloves, but if I can go a few years without losing them, it's a decent cost. Of course, the Google Offers discount made a big difference.