Sunday, April 28, 2013

Driving Participation

I've long struggled to bring more discussion into my blog here on DreamClassier. It's an ongoing struggle, and though I've managed to bring in a decent crowd of subscribers (at the time of this writing, 23 through Facebook, 3 through Google, and an unfortunate 0 through twitter) and a reasonable number of pageviews each month, I'm not yet satisfied.

What I want most is discussion, either as comments directly on my posts or as commentaries on websites and blogs of your own.

Pageviews mean people are curious, but their interests aren't piqued. Comments and discussions means they see something worth getting engaged about, either through agreement or through disagreement.

That's what I really want, and I'd willing give up a decent chunk of my pageviews for some interaction with my audience.

Don't make me pull out the controversial topics.