Sunday, April 14, 2013

Product Review: Sunlite Bicycle Compass/Bell

I only recommend this product for pirates.

Reason One: Compass
I've read reviews about bicycle compasses having problems while attached to stainless-steel-frame bicycles, which I can understand. Unfortunately, this product didn't wait until it was near my bicycle to stop finding north. More often than not, it pointed east, or easterly.

From what I've heard pirates aren't trying to find north, so this product should perfectly suit their needs: they won't be finding north with this compass!

Reason Two: Bell
It was a Christmas present this year, so it's been used lightly for about two months (only about 4 weeks of too-cold-to-ride weather this year). I haven't abused it, I haven't pulled on it particularly roughly. Nonetheless, it broke about two weeks back, while trailing behind some inattentive pedestrians (they're really oblivious here; honestly, I think they deserve to get run over, but I don't want to waste my momentum on them), the spring snapped. The bell's still intact, but the dinger won't flip forward; it's good and rightly stuck.

I don't expect pirates to be much concerned with running over a few oblivious citizens who can't be bothered to pay attention to faster moving traffic, so if this breaks on them, I doubt they'll even notice!