Sunday, May 26, 2013

IIWK: Contraception and Self-Sufficency

This is a continuation of my "If I Were King of the World" series; all other parts can be found here.

As a hard-working citizen of this country, I don't like to sign up for unemployment benefits when I'm between jobs. I've made the smart choice to save my money, most of my money, and so, in times of trouble, I have a reasonable amount of saving to fall back on.

I recognize that not everybody has had the same opportunities as I have, but I also recognize that not everybody is as wise with their spending as I have been. That said, I still think people should be made to be more responsible, because some just won't do it on their own.

The first part of that is mandatory birth contraception from puberty until a self-sufficiency exam.
I like how that sounds: "self-sufficiency exam." Pretty much what I mean by that, is no having kids until you can show that you're capable of taking care of them on your own dime.

Now, I can understand having the means and then losing them. That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm referring to is those people who can't take care of themselves having children that they then can't take care of either.

Just as condoms are cheaper than college, so too do I dare make the assertion that the cost of government funded birth control is cheaper that government funded child care.

As for the arguments about religions (especially Pope Whatshisname) against contraception... honestly, that's just people making excuses so they don't have to take responsibility for their own actions.


  1. The fact that the 'exam' is "Self Sufficiency", people always tend to count themselves higher up than they actually are.
    These people having kids just for Social Security and all--yes, they need stopped. You're not supposed to be able to get rich off it. It's supposed to hold you through until you can.

    ...of course, I'm talking. What and my being on SSI because of the MS. (Praying to get a job soon, though, and pay some of it back in!) That may be some of the problem, too, what and so many people drawing and so few being required!

    That sounds terrible but I only mean that in the allowances some people are given that others have to pay back for. (For what some of the rare times, being another race? Another kettle entirely there, though.)

    1. I know even with a mandated test, there's bound to be people who cheat and find a way around it and go and have kids anyway.

      I also wouldn't expect the exam is just a test to fill out, but rather a form like where you live, and then a computer program or federal employee checks how much it costs to live there, local standard of living and such. Also evaluates for employability.

      As for your personal position, well, you're not intending on having kids are you? At least not until you're financially stable and off the dole.

    2. Wow, how did I miss this reply? I'm very sorry for being so late!

      And no, I've got no kids right now. Going to wait for even trying until I get with a husband--there's no point in me having kids and someone else in this house having to raise it!

      The idea for your exam sounds very well done. And I like how you mention 'evaluates for employability'. Cause sometimes, there are reasons that people literally can't. Despite looking like nothing's wrong.
      (Not everything is visible, after all.)


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