Sunday, June 16, 2013

Product Review: Wahl Beard Trimmer

I love having a smartphone. Why?

So I can stand in a store and do on-the-spot comparison shopping.

I was in my local target the other day, and decided it was time for a facial hair trimmer, especially since I'm currently job hunting, and my goatee is very straggly. So I walk over to the facial-hair-trimmers shelves, and take a look. The two cheapest (19.99) models are sitting side-by-side, and I have no way of telling which is better.

I look over the boxes, take a note of the accessories and the warranty, and pull out my phone.

It was between the Philips Norelco (a brand name I've heard of, though not familiar with) and Wahl (I've never heard of before). The Norelco has a dozen positive reviews on Amazon and a few negatives, and the Wahl (that my search pulled up) had one. One review.

But that one review was thorough. It's concise. It's well written. It's frank. It's everything I look for in a product review. And it was a positive review.

So I bought to Wahl. I'm glad I did.

It trimmed my 2-inch goatee down to a quarter-inch, evened out the edges, and leveled out my sideburns with no pulling of hairs. The grip is textured so I'm unlikely to drop it, heavy enough that it feels like it's up to the job, and light enough that it's not awkward to change directions. While edging, the trimmer gets warm, but not unpleasantly so.

It came with four length settings, nothing complex or difficult to choose, and the heads are easy to swap out without being so loose that they jiggle around or fall off while in use.

The Wahl also ran right out of the packaging, requiring no pre-use charging, which always gets bonus points.

I don't know how the battery survives over time (maybe there'll be an update), but I've been using it for a week and haven't taken the charger out of the packaging yet.