Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DC Explained: Support, Part 1

I hope you've seen the links above the posts I make, "Home," "Support," "Around The Web," and "Contact." If you've taken the time to visit each of those (and I hope you have), you know there are a fair number of external links on each of those pages.

If you've taken a look through the Support page (and if for some reason you're not seeing the link, click right here) then you would have seen a long list of ways you can help support DreamClassier and help keep it running. Now, supporting me doesn't mean you have to give me money or financial support (though those are certainly options too); I've provided options and ideas that cost you nothing, just a few moments of your time.

If you don't understand what those options are or how they help me... well, that's why I'm making this post.

Cost-free Support #1
This should be pretty self-explanatory. I have two vertical banner ads down near the bottom. Now, through the ad-providers terms of service, I can't trick you into clicking on them, I can't beg you to click on them, I can't reward you for clicking on them, and I'm really not even supposed to ask you to click on them.

However, I've gone to great lengths to make them discrete, so if I don't call your attention to them, most people wouldn't even notice them. Hell, I know they're there, and I don't see them most of the time.

(If you have an ad-blocker running on your web-browser, I'd appreciate if you add to your whitelist. You'll find no pop-ups here.)

Those ads have been there since the beginning, and I've earned literally pennies (they've been there nearly 5 years). I don't get paid until I break, like, ten dollars. Yeah, I'm not getting anything from them this decade.

Cost-free Support #2

Yeah, this one doesn't happen so much either, much to my disappointment. And I'm more disappointed about this one than the previous. Really.

Sure, I've got an analytics program running so I can see how much time people spend on my page, but just because you're sitting there doesn't mean you're reading. I want to know what you think. Yes, really. If you see something you agree with that I've said, let me know. If you see something you disagree with, let me know. If you see a typo, please, call me out on it!

If you want me to expand on an idea, say so. If you have questions about something, let me know.

This blog is set up so you don't have to register or identify yourself to comment. You can, and I highly encourage it, but you don't have to. I publish anonymous comments all the time. What I don't publish is spam.

Cost-free Support #3

If you like what I'm saying, or you want all your fans to come over here and make fun of me, go right on ahead. I give you permission. If you write something of your own based off of or inspired by something you saw on here, please, link to it.

I'm not asking you to just link to me with no benefit to yourself. If you let me know that you've linked to me, I'll link back. (And I usually take a good long look through your own activity and make my own post-responses, so you can expect plenty of link-backs.)

To be continued...
This post is getting a little long, so I'll be cutting it off here, but don't go away! There will be more on this series coming. Subscribe, or keep an eyes on this page for more.