Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DC Explained: Support, Part 2

If you didn't see Part 1, well, it's here, and all posts in this series are here. Please, go check them out.

Cost-free Support #4
Facebook. Yes, we're on Facebook.

Like the page, subscribe, everything gets posted there, and you'll get some bonuses as they happen. Sometimes I'll ask a question that I won't post on here.

As it happens, we're also on twitter, but at this time, you're not getting anything special for following us on there.

Facebook gives you more ways to interact with me, share your ideas, comment, critique, complain, and share.

Cost-free Support #5
"Start using links."

This takes a little more explanation. Adfly is a service that provides url-shrinking (just like and except there's a little five-second ad you have to look at before you redirect or a banner ad at the top of your landing page. Thanks to the complete and utter flop of my Google banner ads, I've started using adfly to draw in a little more revenue.

Most of my adfly links will be external links, so if you're leaving and headed somewhere else, I probably will have an ad on the way. (Please, don't worry, all of my links go to completely kosher places.) Every once is a while, I'll set one up for an internal link, but I promise, those don't come up very often.

If you sign up for adfly, you can start earning for yourself on link-clicks. If you sign up through my link, it gives me a little bonus, and I'd be eternally grateful.

Cost-free Support #6
Bing rewards.

This is brand spanking new. Pretty much, bing rewards you for using their services. I don't like bing very much, I'm a Google guy, but you can use the bonus points to buy all sorts of things. Mostly, I use them to buy Microsoft points, so I can find and review more games for you guys. The Quantum Conundrum game was partially paid for using Bing rewards.

As above, if you join through my link, I get a little bonus, and every little bit helps.

Cost-free Support #--
Wait, no. Never mind  There's no more cost-free ways to support me at this time. If I find some, you can always see them over on the Support page, and if I find the need, I'll add another page to this series. For now, the next pages will be covering my Paid Support. As always, you can find the complete series here.