Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Re-Imagined Wallet

I don't really like wallets. As a kid, I never liked having them in my back pocket, and my tri-fold invariably became so stuffed full of receipts (and so empty of cash) that more often than not I kept it in a knee-pocket or in my shoulder bag (necessary for a pre-smartphone travelling writer).

When I grew my hair out, I started carrying spare hair-ties, and wrapped them around the essentials in one of my front-hip pockets. That kept me going mostly well until the hair-ties lost their elasticity, at which point they stopped being good at either of their jobs, keeping my money together or keeping my hair pulled back.

So I was browsing Kickstarter, as I do, for things that I want or need, often bought under market-value as a reward for helping them get started. There I found Impl.

Impl makes stylish, leather micro-wallets. They're bigger than a money clip, but smaller than a bi- or tri-fold. I decided to take the chance, and invested.

The campaign unfortunately failed to reach its goal, but is response to the audience Impl gained, it was still able to produce the wallet and issue coupons to those of us who invested.

My black (with orange stitching[1, 2, 3]) Impl Slide-L is perfect. Stylish, professional, yet also fitting in very well with my casual wear. It lets me carry all my important cards (ID, insurance, a pair of credit cards) and just a little bit of emergency cash. Everything hangs together nice and tight and secure, but thanks to the sliding band, everything is easily accessible.

My impl Slide-L.

If it ever breaks or gets lost, I'll buy another in a heartbeat.