Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Accidental Anti-Alcohol Indoctrination

Okay, so I'm not technically anti-alcohol, I just refuse to injest any for myself, but the alliteration potential was too good to pass up.

When I was little, punishment was meted out rather humanely. I even carried my own chair to the time-out corner (or so I've been told, I have no memories of that age). When I started getting to big for the corner (and for that little plastic chair), my parents switched to original flavor Listerine. Yes, that nasty yellow stuff. Even today I can't stand it (I buy the green instead).

Listerine is about 20% alcohol.

I wonder if that helped turn me off of it. I know that particular punishment didn't happen often, but even to this day, the memory of the taste stays with me, despite how many other memories from that age are lost to me.

Of course, the fact that the smell alone from half-a-metra-car away can set my head to spinning, and induce mild naseau certainly doesn't help, but I can't help but wonder how long that reaction has been going on...