Sunday, September 8, 2013

IIWK: Novelty Bookmarks

I hate the things. They're worse than cars having priority over bicycles.

Okay, maybe not worse, but they're close. Why do I hate the things? They're bulky and deform the shape of the book.

Now, I agree that signs of a well-loved book include a split spine and the tendency to fall open to often-revisited passages. However, novelty bookmarks artificially prop open the book, deforming the pages, not necessarily to a loved passage, but to the last pages read.

Bookmarks should take part in your memory of the book. Receipts, torn parchment, tickets, and the like, not a piece of metal or plastic that you whore out to your entire library.

Novelty bookmarks are trinkets, nothing more. Don't deform your books with them.