Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Should Scare You

"...If priests actually blew things up and could kill you with a bible."
 - G Callan, NCIS LA, Season 1, Episode 2

What's the difference between tv serials and religion? No, really hear me out: what's the difference?

Here's what I can see that's the same:

1. You go to "worship" every week, though the definition of "worship" is up for grabs. Do you sit down with your friends and family and listen to someone talk for half an hour or more, or do you participate in a sing-along? I'm not trying to belittle anyone's spiritual practices and journey, I do the same thing myself, though mine isn't technically called a church.

2. You "tithe" regularly. Again, "tithe" is up for grabs. Technically, the term means to give ten percent of your income away, but have you ever actually down the math? What if you could just give it all at once, and in return they gave you a boxed set of the season's sermons?

3. You think about it all week long. No terminology-redefinition needed for this one. You're supposed to think about the sermon all week long, or however long it is between sermons; that's how you live the lessons it teaches.

4. You eagerly await the next epis-- I mean sermon. It's all you can think about in the hours before showti-- I mean the call to worship.

5. You have epiphanies during the sermon that impact how you think about the world, or at least, the microverse that your story is constructed in.

6. When your favorite preacher or reverend or character leaves or dies you have thoughts about leaving, going somewhere else, or just have trouble imagining the future without them.

7. If it gets cancelled for the week, due to weather or a sports game overrunning its time-slot, you find yourself at loose ends, not sure what to do with this sudden influx of free time.

So there, that's what's the same. If this doesn't scare you at all, you either don't worship enough (whatever it is that you choose to worship, I'm not judgmental), don't watch any tv at all, or aren't thinking about it enough.

Here's the challenge though: Can you tell me what's different?