Sunday, November 24, 2013

IIWK: Christmas Music

In the perfect world, (aside from all the other stuff I've mentioned in this series) there is as much variety in holiday music as there is in non-holiday music. Since this is clearly not a perfect world (as evidenced by the existence of this series), there is a pathetically small selection of holiday music in this world, and most of it is just remakes and remixes of the same songs.

For that reason, employers should not be allowed to force their employees to listen to holiday (namely, Christmas) music for excessive periods outside or before the holiday season.

Seriously, it's not even Thanksgiving, and I'm already sick of the selection played where I work.

Now, I'd be willing to dicker over what a reasonable period before said holidays (namely, Christmas) employers would be allowed to play Christmas music, but I won't go past Thanksgiving. One, that's insensitive, putting the commercialization of Christmas before the historical significance of Thanksgiving (and I consider Thanksgiving a more important holiday than Christmas). Two, forcing me (and my coworkers) to listen to the same dozen or so songs for forty hours a week is just mean; though it may be a good strategy if you're trying to incite a mutiny.

That, or make more holiday music, but the former would be a lot easier.