Sunday, December 1, 2013

More to Keeping Warm Than You Think

It's cold season here in Chicagoland, and every added layer is certainly helpful to staying warm, but it's more important to dress smart. I've been known to head out in the worst weather to walk to my local library, and, more often than not, arrive sweating, while those who took the trip in their cars are shivering.

Both cold air (from outside) and heat (that your body produces) are very good at finding gaps in your winterwear and finding a way to the other side. There's very little you can do about the heat that leaves through all the layers you've worn, aside from adding more, but there's one area that I find most people neglect to protect.

There's a small gap between your gloves and your sleeves. It's always there, even if you very carefully tuck the sleeve cuffs under your glove cuffs; it's bound to get exposed. There's a very simple solution to that: invest in a piece of cloth that overlaps both your gloves and your sleeves.

GoodGoth's Knit Armwarmers are the best "piece of cloth" that I've found for this plight. They are comfortable, they are warm, and they provide plenty of overlapping coverage, extending from your first knuckle to nigh up to your elbow (depending on the length of your forearm). They don't fit especially tightly, so they aren't bound to cut off your circulation (unlike some winter-coat sleeve-cuffs that I've tried), nor are so loose that it's uncomfortable to wear the necessary layers on top of them.

I find they work best paired with toddler mitten-clips (and a sleeved tee-shirt) to keep the elbow end from slipping down during medium-to-high activity, as they are wont to do.

Periodically, one of my pair will go the way of my missing socks, and I'll buy another pair in a heartbeat, lest I go too long without them. They are an invaluable piece of my winter wardrobe.