Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mid-Week Special: Sheer Volume

I imagine some members of my audience think it's a little cheeky to be running things like advertisements (now through both Google Adsense as well as Project Wonderful) and links, alongside something like a (unsuccessful) Patreon campaign. I mean, this is just a blog, and a weekly one at that; it's not even one of those big blogs that requires a lot of work and research: it's all editorial.

So maybe it is a little cheeky. But writing this blog isn't all that I do every week, though that's all most of you see, so it seems cheekier than it really is.

This isn't my only website. For those few who have clicked the Around The Web tab up top, you have some idea of this, but maybe not the whole of it.

I produce a lot of material every week. A LOT. Of all the material I post, I charge for none of it, and am paying through the nose for hosting, electrical, and time invested. Sure, you only see one post a week, especially if you're only invested in following DreamClassier, and so asking for a little help seems rude.

So I'm going to start changing things up a bit, for a short while, and see what happens. You're invited along for the ride, and here's a small itinerary:

Tuesday is now TIMM Tag of the Week.
Friday is now This Week In DC History.
Sunday is still your regularly scheduled broadcast.

What does this mean?

Well, you'll still be getting your normal post on Sunday mornings. That's not going anywhere. That will also still be posted on Patreon as a paid post. However, on Tuesdays, I'll be adding a post, selecting a tag from TIMM (which is my newest place for storing art since my decision to leave deviantArt, and sheezyArt's extended down time); as I tag just as generously over there as I do here, I doubt I'll run low any time soon. On Fridays, I'll be looking back into my post history on DreamClassier and highlighting what I've written on that same week, maybe readdressing the point if something in my worldview has changed.

Both of these posts will be going into the Patreon stream as free posts. That means if you're a paying member on Patreon, you won't get charged for these, just as you don't for these Mid-Week Specials.

Now, I've still got a day job to worry about (until I manage to start accumulating those 30,000 pennies), so though the posts still be scheduled to go live on DC at my usual time, 5AM CST, the Patreon, Facebook, and Google+ notices will likely be behind by a few hours (maybe a day in some cases).