Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TIMM Tag of the Week, Vol 1

For those unaware, TIMM, or This Is My Magic, is a second blog that I run on the blogger platform (or a third, depending on which order you count DCReviews in). It is a storehouse and a portfolio for all of my art, though at present it only holds a few hundred poems, a few dozen pieces of prose and fiction, a smattering of dream journals, and none of my other art (3D, photography, and crafts). Additional pieces are slowly being transferred over from my deviantArt account, and as they are mirrored here, they are removed from deviantArt. This is being done both to keep track of what pieces have been brought over and to continue my decision to leave the deviantArt community.

However, it also serves to hasten my long-attempted desire to index my art, and for that reason, this new series is possible. Every week, every Tuesday, I'll be bringing you a tag highlight from the collection available on TIMM.

Welcome to Volume 1.

Tag: dream

It should come as no surprise that a considerable selection of my art is founded upon dreams. For me, dreaming is a recreational activity, not just something that happens when I sleep. So many of my DC posts are tagged with dream-related tags (dreams, dreaming, lucid dreaming, etc) and my art is no different.

Featured Art:
Untitled (May 22, 2013)
This piece of prose stems from both a waking dream and a sleeping dream, describing an imagined physical transformation during a religious service's weekly meditation.

Dream Journal - 12 Jan 2013
I never limit myself to whatever form of recording any dream seems best suited, but it is rare that it comes initially as a poem. This particular dream was apocalyptic in nature, and included guests that I knew from my middle and high schools.

Whipped and Rinkled
While the other two piece of featured art are the products of dreams, this poem is on the subject of someone else's possible dreams. The title itself is a hint at their identity, with a simple transposition of letters. I'm sure you can figure it out now.

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