Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TIMM Tag of the Week, Vol 2

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Tag: pantoum

It's not often that I dabble in fixed-form poetry, but when I do, I prefer to stick to something that has flexible rules to it. Thus the pantoum, and fixed form poem of variable length that, as far as I can tell, only the people who have tried writing one know of it.

The pantoum is made by repeating certain whole lines between each pair of stanzas, and again between the first and last stanza. This pattern gives it an implied rhyme scheme, even if the poem is not intended to rhyme. It also makes it easy to describe something, while making it difficult (but not impossible) to create a narrative.

Featured Art:
Deja Reve
A poem about future dreaming (literally "already dreamed" in French) is an ideal subject for a form of poetry that circles back on itself. This piece takes it a step further, by being only a 2-stanza pantoum. Two of the first stanza's lines are repeated in the second, and two of the second's (different two) are repeated in the first.

Wrote Your Own Rules
This poem looks like a mess, and certainly not like a pantoum. However, if you take a look at each distance of indentations independently from the rest, the story and the forms become apparent. It's a poem inspired by the concept of a dream within a dream within a dream, and itself is a poem inside a poem inside a poem. A couplet on the outside, a trio of limericks in the middle, and a pantoum at the bottom.

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