Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TIMM Tag of the Week, Vol 4

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Tag: alternate point of view

Very often, when I write, the piece, whether it be poetry or something else, works better when it's not coming from my own personal perspective. In terms of my novel-in-progress, "Fortress Race," I use alternate perspectives to get past a point where I get stuck.

Featured Art:
Breakfast At Dawn, Battle Soon After
This short poem is about nothing more than a cat who wrestles with its owner, biting occasionally, and licking the wounds afterward. If you've ever owned a cat, you'll understand.

This prose piece is the result of a writing prompt for a feminine-equality group on deviantArt. The purpose was to take a famous or influential historical woman and transpose her into today's era. While most of the other participants created visual art and chose outstanding woman who wrecked change during their lifetimes, I chose... well, if you can figure it out, props to you, because I've had to explain it to everyone else, including the whole feminine-equality group.

Untitled - 5 April 2007
This poem is depressing; consider yourself forewarned. It's based on a true story, about someone who really did die, who really did have a cat who slept on her bed, who was indeed found with a book in her lap and reading light still on. And again, it's from the perspective of the cat.