Sunday, May 4, 2014

How I Cook

I like cooking, and I seem to have some skill at it, at least in terms of providing some variety for a single guy who lives alone. For the most part, I'm content to eat the same things every day, but some times, I get in the taste for something, and try to figure out more ways to eat the flavor.

Especially when it comes to parmesan, which is easily my favorite cheese.

I have a pressing feeling nobody else really acquires new recipes this way...

1. Think of something that sounds good
That's generally a good step. It's hard to try a new recipe if I don't think of it first. The most recent one was cheesy fried potatoes.

2. Google the recipe to make sure it's a thing
Maybe this isn't so obvious of a step for some people, but with the strange things my head comes up with, it's kind of a necessity, lest I make something really weird and... waste not, want not, I'll force myself to eat it regardless.

3. Read the recipe
Okay, so this probably shouldn't be a bad step, but just wait for the next one...

4. Ignore the recipe I just read and make it up as I go along
So, if I'm just going to ignore it, why would I read the recipe? Well, I sometimes take pointers from it. The first time I made parmesan chicken, I cooked with water instead of oil; I always use oil now. I wouldn't have made that choice without peeking at the recipe.

5. If I like it, eat it. If I don't like it, eat it, but never make it again
I hate to waste money, and food is acquired mostly through spending money. If something, even a practiced recipe, doesn't turn out right, I will still eat it.

How do you add new recipes to your repertoire? Do you have any unusual steps like my number 4?